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  • I have no experience. Can I sign up?
    Yes. Our salsa zero, bachata begginers, and kizomba beginners courses are designed for those with no dance experience at all. Everything you need to know will be taught in these fundamental courses.
  • I already have experience dancing, what level should I sign up for?"
    If you already have experience you should sign up for an assessment to be placed in a level that is right for you.
  • Do I need a partner to sign up?
    You do not need a partner to sign up for group classes. Classes are capped at 10 leaders and 10 followers, we rotate partners throughout class so everyone dances with everyone!
  • I want to sign up with my partner, will we have to dance with other people?"
    Yes, in group classes we rotate partners. This allows anyone to join the class whether they have a partner or not. Dancing with different people is a great way to become a better leader and follower which is an important goal of ours. If you would like to learn with only your partner, we recommend taking private classes. Contact us to find out more.
  • What clothes should I wear?
    Wear clothes you are comfortable moving in, workout clothes are acceptable.
  • What shoes should I wear?
    Wear dance shoes (available for purchase at, sneakers, or a pair of socks.
  • Where can I buy dance shoes and gear?
    Visit to shop dance shoes and gear.
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